MediWell Clinic

Mon - Sat 9AM to 7PM | Sun 10AM to 4PM

1C Lansdowne Rd, N17 0LL, London​

Wound Clinic

We provide wound care support to mobile patients of all ages.

Following a comprehensive assessment, we will discuss and advise on possible treatment for the patient’s condition and can arrange referral to other services if necessary.

The services we provide are:

  • Suture and Clip Removal following Surgery
  • Treatment of burns and scalds (following assessment at hospital)
  • Treatment of all wounds
  • Post-surgical and post-trauma wound care
  • Treatment of chronic wounds
  • Pilonidal and Perianal wound care and management
  • Application of Topical Negative Pressure treatment
  • Doppler Ultrasound assessment of the legs
  • Conservative Sharp Debridement (removal of dead skin with a scalpel)
  • Treatment of patients with diabetic foot ulcers
  • Treatment of Pressure Ulcers

Please note that the service does not provide emergency treatment and appointments are always necessary.

Specialist Services

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