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PPG Meeting Minutes

PPG Meeting Minutes May 14th 2024

Date: May 14th 2024

Present parties from Mediwell Clinic: Nurten Cetin, Semiha Dogus


Minutes taken Via SD today

Meeting took place in Mediwell Clinic

Aims And Objectives of PPG

Members discussed the terms of reference and aims of PPG Policy was read and viewed via team.

Summary of General Discussions:

  • IV room updates discussed, new fridge for refreshments now provided, PPG Team were very happy to hear this.
  • Discussed our new reception statistics monitoring board, reviewed all together, NC spoke about how this will help track all missed calls and provide a better call answering system for the public.
  • All PPG members happy about waiting time.
  • NC has informed PPG team website has been updated and WhatsApp line is introduced.
  • Our PPG Member informed NC that our dental online booking not active.


BB has been selected as chairperson

Issues Mediwell will look into improving

  • Online booking for dental service is to be put in place soon.
  • Review statistics for new reception system.

Next Meeting:

Agreed to be held on 20/11/2024 and time TBC.

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