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Visitors Policy

This policy outlines the identification and verification process for visitors to the business, as well as the audit trail of this process. The purpose of this policy is to ensure security and safety. The lawful basis for processing visitor data is article 6(1)(f) of the UK GDPR, which allows for the processing of personal data for legitimate interests. The policy supports Mediwell Clinic in meeting legal requirements and key lines of inquiry/quality statements.

Visitors to Mediwell Clinic are required to sign confidentiality agreements in certain circumstances. The policy aims to control entry to clinical, patient, and secure areas of the building for safety and confidentiality purposes. It also ensures compliance with the emergency section of the Business Continuity Plan and the retention of confidentiality agreements.

Most visitors are expected at the practice, but exceptions include patients providing feedback, CQC representatives, or members of the police. Visitors/contractors representing a company must provide company identification, and if unavailable, the visitor must wait until the company can verify their identity. All visitors, including contractors and maintenance personnel, must sign in and out of the premises.

Visitor identification will not be copied or stored, but the type of ID may be noted in the visitors’ book. Visitors will read and agree to the Mediwell Clinic Confidentiality Statement when signing the register. Each visitor will be assessed to determine if a separate confidentiality agreement is necessary, especially if they will be on the premises when Mediwell Clinic is closed. Efforts will be made to ensure patient identifiable information is not visible to visitors.

When visitors are expected, the reception team must be notified in advance with details of the visitor’s name, company, purpose of visit, and expected time of arrival. Visitors must report to the reception team, sign the register of visitors, provide company identification, and wear a visitor identification tag or badge. Volunteers will be treated as visitors or contractors depending on their role. Short-term contractors will be processed as visitors and required to sign a confidentiality agreement. Longer-term contractors must have their own health and safety systems and sign in and out for emergency purposes.

Visitors are defined as individuals who visit Mediwell Clinic for a specific purpose and are not registered patients or accompanying registered patients. Mediwell Clinic ensures that visitors sign in and out, have access only to designated areas, are not left unaccompanied in confidential areas, and may be required to sign a confidentiality agreement. Contractors with longer-term presence must have their own safety systems. The register of visitors will be retained as a record and for audit trail purposes.

People affected by this service must follow the Visitors Policy and Procedure, sign in and out, and not enter unauthorized areas. They must provide company ID or be known to someone at Mediwell Clinic.

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