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PPG Meeting Agenda

Agenda for PPG Meeting
Meeting date: 3rd Jan 2022


MediWell Clinic – Nurten Cetin Registered manager, Semiha Dogus Practice Manager
PPG Members – Mr Reza Saleh, Ms Vesile Tekas, Mr Orhan Odemis, Mrs Elif Bogazkaya, Mrs Jenifer Rivera, Mr Marwan Omar, Mrs Fatos Nafi and Mr Bekir Eryilmaz .
Apologies: Mrs Elif Bogazkaya and Mrs Jenifer Rivera,

The purpose of the group is to discuss the services offered by the practice and any improvements to be made.

Ground Rules

1. The group should not be seen as a complaint platform
As per patient
2. Confidentiality, no personal issues should be discussed
3. Everyone’s views must be listened to and respected
4. No discrimination will be tolerated

Agenda Items:

1. Introduction and Welcome
2. Terms and references/Aims and objectives
3. General Discussions of PPG
4. Chairperson
5. Covid-19 update
6. Improvement plan and projects
7. Digital consultation thoughts and ideas
8. Waiting time and issues with calls
9. Website updates
10. Frequency of meetings

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